Cheap food plot


bat man

As I tinker in the garage with my HYPRO pump and boom system it gave me an idea.

Many of the plotters in my area;

dont get a soil test
dont amend ph
dont fertlize
dont get much out of their plots

If they simply sprayed cleth or something else to kill the grasses in the existing plots and let the broadleafs go, would deer attraction be decent for fall hunting?

would it be better than the low quality clover and chicory plots they have now?

If they agreed to lay off the momma does for a couple years I would lay down the chemical for them-
The best food plot I had one year was where I freshly planted a field into spruce trees. The weeds came in thick over summer since I didn't spray and the deer were in there like crazy.
If enough of you guys think it is worth my time to try a couple plots I will try it and see what happens.
I always read that you should seed clover in spring or fall. I dunno.....when-ever I plant grows. Sometimes I add some Rye with it....sometimes not. grows. Hardy stuff....white clover. I started planting more medium red and ladino clovers all seems to grow with little care for weeds....if I start out with a good tilling.

Same can be said for a brasica mix tho.....a good tiling and it seems to always grow - provided we get some rain.