Chaz's First Turkey! Proud Dad!

Natty Bumppo

5 year old buck +
Just last week I was enjoying Swiffy's thread about his daughter getting her first bird...thought I'd title this thread similarly.

Went out this morning with my 12 year old...little cold and windy, but we heard a bird gobble on the roost up on a little ridge. He flew down and went silent for the most part. He surprised us at 20 yards and we were in a bad spot. I laid down prone and my son did the best he could to get set up. Watched him strut and gobble at 20 yards but my son did not have a great shot. The bird walked off eventually. We repositioned and got in a way better spot...set a decoy put and began to call. He was fired up at 100 yards away and immediately began to come in from our left. Then an old boss hen showed up to our right and began to call. She hung up on the decoy as the boss gobbler came into view at 40 yards. We watched him strut and gobble for about 10 minutes as he SLOWLY closed on the decoy. Eventually the hen began to walk back up the hill and as she did he crossed right in front of us at 18 yards or so. My son's .410 was facing the wrong direction (to the bird's left) so when the bird went behind a tree I THOUGHT Chaz was simply going to swivel his body around to his right to shoot...instead he went lefty. Brilliant decision. We've never practiced lefty before, but he went for it and made a great shot.

He was shooting his grampa's (my dad's) Stevens 59A .410 with a heavy game load. The tom weighed 19lbs, had a 9" beard, and 3/4" spurs.



Sometimes things happen for a reason and you wonder who is looking down on you...and what kinds of forces are at work.

Today is May 9th. Six years ago, May 9th 2016, almost in the same spot as Chaz got his bird this AM....I was hunting with MY grampa's shotgun on a beautiful spring morning and connected with a nice tom. My gramp was left handed and always used an Ithaca Deerslayer 37 with the downward ejection because of that. He died in 2010 and I always wanted to get a tom with his shotgun. That morning in 2016 the tom came in to my extreme right and I also had to go lefty to make the shot.

I don't know man...same morning, my gramp's gun, Chaz's gramp's gun, same location...same left handed shot? I am not super religious or spiritual. But sometimes I wonder. :emoji_thinking:

Wow!! I love it Natty! Congrats you guys! great story and great bird!

Oh... youd have a hard time convincing me that there are not higher powers watching us and smiling upon us. I refuse to believe that my father, (Lytis grandpa) wasn't with her on our special day to help guide her. He bought the farm I live on in the 70's and died when Lyti was only 4 months old. His spirit is with us everyday as we work to improve "the farm", I have no doubt.

Happy for Chaz!
Congrats!!! Great accomplishment early in life!
Good stuff.

Stop wondering.. Well, I guess if you need a sign or something you could keep wondering. :emoji_relaxed: