can persimmons still be dormant


5 year old buck +
I planted 12 persimmons last spring and they did great. This spring only a couple have broke dormancy so far(and just recently). They are in tree tubes so I don't know if that makes a difference for them.

I know I could scratch the tree but I have a pear tree that was run over by some tresspassers and then girdled by rabbits that died this spring. It's trunk and upper branches had the wet green look under the outer skin and they still we dead. The only growth from it is at its base.
My perimmons have shown no life yet either. I havent done a scratch test on mine either. They bend and dont break and I dont see any signs of them being dead yet. Maybe we have hope!
I decided to check mine for sure last night. All dead. These were all very small seedlings with terrible roots that I got from Cold Stream Farms in 2013. I havent given up on Persimmons, but I think my next ones I will try and grow from seed.