Can I put an apple and pear orchard here?


5 year old buck +
The area is flat and is great soil. It is surrounded by trees.

The triangle is basically 220' each side. North is at the top. The east side is a a tree lined fence, the other side is a winding creek. I can move it a few yards from the trees on the west side.

That is a r.r. on the east side of the fence line.

I know it will get enough sun but not sure if it being so protected in the early a.m. sun and wind protected fairly well from all sides will allow it to be a frost pocket and even though the trees grow it will not produce fruit.

This is in zone 5 in southern NE.

Thanks for your thoughts.orchard location.jpg
I am guessing on their height but there are 50' tall walnut and maple trees on the west and half as tall junk trees on the east. The walnuts will eventually be going to a mill, hopefully. The maples are going to be coming down next year after I do the 5 year management of the conservation strip along the creek. The will be edge feathering basically.
Willy, Here's an apple tree to consider if you are concerned about possible frost pockets:

COURT PENDU PLAT old variety known since 1613, probable origins in Roman times. The name is derived from Corps Pendu, referring to the shortness of the stem. Skin is greenish-yellow becoming flushed with orange-red with short broken stripes. A good cropper with rich, aromatic fruit with a good balance of sugar and acid. Suitable for areas with late spring frost because it blooms very late and is cold hardy.
What is the surrounding topography? Is that piece of ground the lowest around? Meaning does all the surrounding cold air eventually settle there.
smsmith, how far away from the walnuts were your fruit trees. I can get them 30 yards from walnuts at minimum. The only walnut is on the west side of the triangle.

Turkcreek, it is a small ancient flood plain with hills on both sides but a flood plain approx. 150 yards wide as the creek traverses the land.

2ndhand, thanks for he suggested variety. I am going to be looking into it.

Thanks to you all for your thoughts so far.
Jugalone can persist in the soil for years after the removal or death of a walnut. Jugalone sensitive trees need to be planted at a minimum outside the drip zone of any walnut. Jugalone is released by the roots and is in the leaves.