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who builds cabelas tractors?
^^^^MO's correct ^^^^
I'd be very wary of buying anything in their tractor line. Woods makes their implements, but according to a buddy's son who works in the industry, Woods won't service any of the cabela's sold product! You have to take it to cabela's to get warranty and parts.

KYM doesn't have any real distribution in the US either, so if cabela's decides to drop the line (which I think they will sooner than later), you'll be SOL.

Had they hooked up with Yanmar and took over where the Cub Cadet deal went south, cabela's could have a great product to offer. Instead they have an unknown with questionable build quality and they're charging 30% more than the same unit sold direct in Red.
Hard for me to understand how Cabela's thinks they belong in this market??? Seems to me they oughta take a lesson from Montgomery Ward: "ou cannot be all things to everybody". ;)

IMO....They don't belong in the tractor biz. OTOH...they got into the boat biz, ATV biz, and camper biz.....didn't they?
Do you know anyone who's bought an atv from them?