5 year old buck +
Here's a pic of buckwheat I planted on 7-11-14. This is on a new plot that has not been tested or fertilized or planted before. I did throw down some lime just before I planted the BW. In a couple of weeks I'm going to broadcast some oats and winter rye into the BW and then run the packer over it. I never planted BW before and am very pleased with it.

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Buckwheat is one of those fun and easy crops to grow. Suppresses weeds while building your soil, good for bees and insects (turkey and grouse heaven).....what's not to like? I was surprised to see the deer eat my buckwheat last year (got none this year).

Nice job and good plan Tooln.
Looks like I see some stems there where deer have been browsing it. They eat the crap out of it at my farm.
They eat it at our camp in northern Pa. There are paths all thru it & it has gone to seed now. Gonna seed brassica mix into it & then mow, then cultipack it. Good stuff.
browse and green manure from the same planting. gotta love that.
Looked good, when I could see the pic anyway?:confused: Glad you had success with it tooln. I agree with stu. Spring planted BW and fall planted rye were the staple plot crops on our old place, almost foolproof. Anything else we planted and got to grow were simply bonuses to us, because we knew we would always have the BW and rye to fall back on to draw and feed deer.
Looked good, when I could see the pic anyway?:confused:
I took and loaded the pic with my phone to photobucket. Somehow 10 of the same picture was loaded to photobucket. I had to delete and then reload, so it came up blank for awhile, sorry about that.
The deer hammered the buckwheat I planted this spring. I mowed and tilled it under about two weeks ago. It seeded out and it is thicker now then when I planted it back in spring. The deer and turkey love it