Buckthorn leaves as browse?


5 year old buck +
During rifle season we had 13 plus inches of snow. I had a doe and 2 fawns coming feeding into my sight. The doe fawn was closest to me and she actively searched out green buckthorn leaves that she could reach. She was so close that I could not move an observe what tt=he doe and other fawn were eating.

Has anyone else seen this?
I would never plant buckthorn but this has got me to thinkin' that maybe buckthorn is not quite so bad.
Invasive and crowds out native species, but is it a substantial food source?

Too bad that is the only adult doe I saw in 12 days of hunting.
I have yes many times!!

Leaves stay green late and they make the wood thicker.

Invasive but not useless
Sandbur- you think you'd be able to Id buckthorn now. I got some nasty thorny stuff growing on my place that has small berries. The leaves are still green. I'm thinking its buckthorn. It isn't real aggressive, but I have a fair amount of it. I've seen deer eating the fruit so I haven't killed it off. Actually I've released larger trees growing over it because it doesn't get real tall.
I gotta get some pics for you guys this winter. I know the ole lady found out real fast not to use the trunk for balance. Ouchie
dipper-I know what buckthorn is.
Kirt- I don't particularly like the buckthorn, but it is not all bad. Agreed.
Last couple winters the deer have devoured any food plots by mid January around here. This past February I noticed the deer eating the berries of buckthorn, none the less I whack it and treat it every chance I get!