Brainerd MN Land for sale......Cheap?



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I've heard it was a poorly run game farm from people in the area. Property looks nice but ive also heard there is a lot of road exposure. Seems to be more value there than the listed price though.
Driven by this place a few times, but never went on a p-hunt there. I had considered going there with my grandsons, rather than a dakota trip for birds.

I think the location is pretty good, but could be some road concerns for deer purposes. Gotta believe this is a result of expansion during the boom years (?).....but all speculation on my part. Wish I had time to look into this. As I see's all set-up for a pheasant operation or sporting clays, trap, etc. Likely a fair spot for a gun shop and rifle range (?). This area could be quite good with the right operator, IMO. Land should certainly improve in value over the long term.