Black Sea Bucks


5 year old buck +
Around my hometown, there isn't much for deer habitat. That being said, there is some positives, we have no wolves or coyotes nearby. My dad's last roaming dog got run over a few years ago. He was never one to chase deer specifically, but he did like to patrol the woods when something was going on.

That being said, given how bleak things are up north, my brother is taking up bowhunting farm country in south central MN. He put a trail cam at my dad's in the 20 acre woods and here's what came up.
PICT0007 (800x600).jpg

PICT0016 (800x600).jpg

We haven't seen an antlered deer on our trail cams up north this year. The area where these were taken, almost nobody hunts anymore due to the absence of deer. This is the kind of area where if someone gets "a deer" its all the scuddle butt at church during doughnuts and coffee.
That 2nd one seems to have one helluva block