Beautiful Bobcat


5 year old buck +
I had a stand to the right of this pic a few years ago and saw momma with three kittens while bow hunting one day.


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nice picture. i get tons of pics of them but none that cool. i saw one while hunting friday night. he skirted the edge of my food plot. very cool critters.
Nice bobcat pic.
It's on my bucket list to see a 'big' cat from a treestand. I've never seen one any other way, so I might be waiting a while!

theres not many animals I would care to have a pelt of, but a bobcat is one I would like to have
Doesn't look like he's too concerned with eating, with that belly
Not good daylight pics like yours, but we have one showing up more often.9-11-14 Box (4).JPG9-28-14 SE 40 Plot (1).JPG
Nice picture. I had one sneak in while sitting in stand bow hunting. They are very quiet and stealthy. Never made a sound. Pretty cool animal.
Beautiful, it almost looks staged he's posing so well.
Here's a nice fatty!Cdy_0001.jpg
Another big cat in my back yard!CDY_0004.JPG
Nice pics Maya! You definately have some chubby cats up there.
I've gotten a good amount of bobcat pics the past couple years, fun animal to have around. Last year I got one trying to attack a deer haha. Also got a pic with 2 bobkittens(cubs?) last year. Fun to see the little ones around too.

Here are the coolest ones of this year, fairly recent too. I'll look for the one with the bobcat lunging at the deer...I happened to be walking back from my stand minutes before it happened and heard the commotion, pretty cool surprise when I checked the cards that night.


Cool thread!
About 4 years ago I saw a set of track going through my BIL's place. Cool pics & critters. Rather have several Bob's, than a yote or wolf.
I love getting pics of these animals. Two years ago I was on an evening bow hunt with my girlfriend when a bobcat pounced on a squirrel about 15 yards in front of us. Neither of us even knew it was there until it struck. I spent the last 30 minutes of daylight taping it eating that squirrel. My girlfriend knew I wanted to get one & when it got too dark to video, she asked why I didn't shoot it (legal in KS for a landowner in season). I sheepishly admitted that I was so amazed watching & taping it that the thought of shooting it never even crossed my mind. In hindsight, I figure it's probably best since I will likely get another opportunity for a shot but may never get to see that again.
Wow. Stealth mode. Never knew they would / could do that. Wonder if wolves or coyotes can do that?
We have a number of well-fed bobcats at our camp in northern Pa. too. One of our members has them on cams. They seem to like to hunt around some of our wood piles ( mice, chipmunks? ) Probably like opening a cupboard for them. Had a nice big one come slinking down a deer trail in the snow while I was under a hemlock on deer stand. Squirrels started going crazy in the trees - I thought a hawk or yote was in the area. Cat came easing down the trail - never even looked my way - to about 20 ft. ( Orange hat & vest ) He never looked! He followed the trail to the edge of a drop-off, scanned the area, and disappeared down over the side of the mountain. Very cool encounter. Super animal.

Maya - you have some really healthy, fat cats up there. Excellent pix guys!!! Thanks for sharing.