Be carefull out there

Wow. Hearing more about fires and we had an "explosion" that killed a guy in a box blind this season. Lotsa heaters nowadays.....most with gas. Gotta have a safety talk about this next year.
Not certain what happen but one rule of propane heaters is the tank needs to be outside of the building or you are literally sitting next to a bomb.
Yep. Saw a pic here last night of Nov Forever's heater and his GF was sitting near it in shirtsleeves (cartridge thread pg 3). Has a sunflower sitting on top of a gas tank in his closed up Red Neck blind. To me this is just asking for problems in so many ways. Bad practice especially in a tight blind like that.

Not trying to "call you out" NF....or anything like that. Just know that this could be a big issue......and I like listening to your comments in the time to come. :)
We just had a giant explosion that rocked our building here at work like 10 minutes ago. We thought one of the guys in the shop dropped a large weldment assembly or something. Apparently a large tank at the BNSF railyard behind our shop blew up, large plumes of black smoke and flames rising above the top of the tank. I'm not sure if it held some type of oil or diesel fuel. I hope no one was injured. Tons of sirens heading there now. Crazy.