Backstrap Jerky


bat man

Several years ago my dad came home from somewhere and they made their backstraps into jerky. Told him he was nuts and that it was not happening with my deer.

Longstory short, half of the straps get made into jerky every year.


This load is waiting 24 hours and goes in the oven tomoro back at deer camp. Momma forbids jerky in the home oven. So I am leaving her for the weekend. For real this time.
...backstrap jerky is a sin I'm pretty sure

I concur, but the old man has how many more deer seasons left in him. No way I can say no to most of what he wants in regards to the hunt.
I just don't like my dad that much. He can make jerky out of his own deer. :D (never shot one in his life)
I just don't like my dad that much. He can make jerky out of his own deer. :D (never shot one in his life)

You leave nothing for interpretation Jim-
My kids bought me a meat slicer for Christmas last year. I sliced up some Jerky from some roasts and have used a few chops that were getting old. That slicer is the best thing EVER for uniform cuts. Some of the stuff that is too thick is hard to dry right. I dry ours on a de-hydrator instead of the oven. My wife nixed the oven too.

May have to slice up a little deer sausage for the "tour".
at this point I wish I had something to make jerky with. Von Hansons might be getting a lotta my dollars this winter so I can enjoy some chewy goodness.

I will say that the duck stix I had made by Dehmers are simply outstanding. So I have my stix fix all set.
backstrap jerky is a sin I'm pretty sure
THIS...^^^....:eek: don't do it man! My little brother got one of those jerky shooter guns that uses ground venison, so we would never "waste" a backstrap or even a steak to make jerky. Grind up whole front quarters and any other scraps and mix in the seasoning and run them through the jerky gun, works wonderfully and doesn't use up the good cuts for jerky. Pretty sure that is the way God intended?
You leave nothing for interpretation Jim-

He moved us out of Chicago when I was 3 (good move!), and straight into communist suburbia (nothing fun is legal). My dad shot a pistol in the Navy in `67 and to my knowledge hasn't shot a gun since. I've invited him to the woods several times, invited him to hunt several times, and he's never been interested. We have very little in common and he's never been a part of my life despite my parents still being married to this day and his always living with us through my whole upbringing.

Like I said, he can shoot his own deer. It's not for lack of opportunity. I've stopped trying to build a relationship as he's too preoccupied to make any effort.