ATV Disc


5 year old buck +
Does anyone have one for sale....also any recommendations for make/model. Small 1/2 acre plots.

I have used the Biologic small disc and that works fine, but need something a little bigger
Roth if you can find one, they are no longer being made. Tater gate makes one just like it. My Roth is built like a tank.
My brother has one for sale used at his shop in aldrich we have used it before it is an antler king I think
I bought a GroundHog Maxx ATV disc a few years ago and it worked great, especially on small, odd shaped plots that are hard to reach with bigger equipment. The width of the implement is pretty small, but you can fast with this disc and that makes up for it. I liked how this design used the weight of the ATV to dig into the soil. They are built like a tank, which can be a problem if you have big rocks because the disc is likely stronger than the ATV and you can bend the hitch on the ATV like I did. If you have big rocks, I wouldn't recommend the GroundHog Maxx, but if you don't have big rocks it works awesome.

I bought a tractor, so I don't use my Groundhog Maxx disc anymore and would sell it for $225 if you wanted it. I believe I paid around $375 for it and I probably used it less than 20 hours.

I have a friend who bought one of the pull behind King Kutter ATV discs, but to cut into sod he needed to weld a carrier on top that allowed him to add cement blocks for weight. I believe he paid around $600 for that disc and he said it worked pretty well once he added weight. He also had better luck spraying the sod to kill it off before trying to disc it up.
i have a king kutter drop down atv disk (common design). it's currently in western wisconsin but i could bring it to the twin cities or up by lake mille lacs. i would sell for somewhere around 300. going to list on craigs soon.
Ok guys thanks. Ben (my friend has a Groundhog max) but I am looking for a little bigger unit for my ATV (Yamaha Grizzly 600)

How is that King Kutter for small plots?

Price on unit in Aldrich?
The king kutter worked pretty well for my friend once he added some weight to it, especially when breaking sod. You should have good luck if the ground has been broken before or if you can spray the plot early enough to let the roots decompose before you take the disc to it.
I have a King Kutter. I added 300lbs to it. On ground already broke it works fine. On ground never broke it is going to take awhile. disc.jpg
On my Roth I do not have to add extra weight, set the angle of the gangs and it will do pretty good. Fresh ground will take a few passes.
I will second the Roth. Built like a tank. I think I have the 5th one that they built. I do a total of 8 acres of food plots and it will get the job done.
Stay clear of farm star. I snapped the welds on a brand new one last fall. The weight sits up to high on them therefore they sway while being pulled. My usda office has a plot master you can rent for 40. I will prolly just use that if I need one from now on
This spring I bought a pull behind Monroe Tuffline UTD 91416. It was pricey, but built like a tank. I'm hard on equipment and hate things that break. I pull it with a Deere 825i. Used it to disc about 6 acres total without any trouble at all. Perfect for what I want. I didn't get the optional electic wheel lift, but I wish I had. One wheel bearing squealed when it was new, but MT assured me that the squeal would go away & they'd replace it if there are any problems with it. I have a lot of honey locust & add Slime to all my tires. I was slightly disappointed to find that the tires were tubes. I used the Slime for tubes - we'll see how it holds up. I'd just prefer to not have to deal with tubes.
What about a digger/cultivator like this?

I have an old C tine 4 ft wide one I use all the time. We sold our ATV disc years ago because we just ended up never using it once we got the digger.
I paid $25 for the C tine one. Another relic that you can find in old fencerows or boneyards at farmsteads.
I have a King Kutter I got from Fleet Farm years ago. It has 2 disc gangs that are angled. Can be raised or lowered with a crank ,a tongue adjustment that allows you to change the angle that it is towed. I modified it with a platform to stack bricks on for extra weight . When I first brake up sod I remove the back disc gang and add 2 c tine diggers in its place. Has works great for small plots that I can't get my tractor to.
biglake, I've heard good things about cultivators like the one you show. The one shown below can be had for well under $200 new but it mounts to a sleeve hitch. I've been thinking about getting something like this but I'm concered that my smaller ATV (400 cc) will struggle to pull it.

I wouldn't be concerned with a 400cc pulling that at all.

If it did become an issue, removing a tooth or two is very easy.
Here is the same C tine pull behind cultivator we have.
I have no issues pulling this with the same amount of teeth with our 450.

Thanks biglake! We have been using a harrow drag like shown below but it really doesn't do anything that I can't do pulling a small jack pine around.
I bought a Tuffline from Tractor Supply in St Croix Falls. I have used it for a couple years with no problems.