Apple Trees - Good Price?

West Branch

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I was browsing craigslist and found a local nursery that sells fruit trees. Does $25 a tree seem like a good price? It also looks like they do 10% off for 12+ trees. I haven't spent much time looking at fruit trees but the price doesn't sound too bad. Doing some online searching it seems like I have seen trees from $10-$40 + shipping depending on size and other factors. It looks like they do not ship the trees, you have to pick them up at the nursery, which would work fine for me since this isn't too far away from our farm.


It says that they are bare root trees 6'-9' tall, which is why they don't ship them. Would the larger trees be better or worse?

Based on what I see from everyone here I would want to know what the rootstock is, what else would I want to find out if I order some of these next year?

My only plans so far for fruit trees are to try to grow some crab apples from seed this coming fall/winter. I have been thinking about getting some orchard type areas going but need to do more research and planning.

I wasn't able to make it to the grafting class that was held by some of the guys here in MN this past winter due to work, but if it happens again in the future I will try to make it.
Make sure root size is adequate to sustain a 6-9' tall tree. A 6-9' tree is going to need decent roots unless you plan on pruning it back significantly.
Thanks for the info guys, I think I will have to figure out an area to get a few of these going next year. I better be careful or I will end up being fruit tree addicts like all you!

He does mention the zones on his website and also has links to the USDA maps so he must have taken the local zones into consideration since he doesn't do any shipping. While some of his customers may be in zone 4a or 4b close to lake superior most of the area is 3b.

How can you tell if the root size is adequate?
Not sure there is a hard and fast rule. Going to depend on soil type, climate, amount of precipitation or man provided water, and the type of staking you are going use. The roots anchor the tree as well as provide water and nutrient uptake. If the roots arent sufficient to do those two things then you are going to stunt tree or possibly worse.