Anyone Want some White Oaks?


5 year old buck +
The orchard that I planted was about 100x100 feet of popples, well white oaks are springing up all over the place. We have some giant white oaks on this property which I assume to be the reason why but we had 10 acres of pines clearcut about 20 years ago and mostly a thick woods of oaks took its spot. None of those trees are bigger then 15-20 feet because they are so thick.

Needless to say I have lots of white oaks between 12 inches up to 4 feet or HIGHER, I have no idea how I'd send them to anyone but I surely don't need them and I'd hate to spray a white oak with Gly. :(
It is maddening at times to try and grow stuff and then Ma Nature turns around and shows you how it is really done!:D Unfortunately you will probably have poor luck trying to dig and transplant any of the geminated ones right now, even when they go dormant you will be severing that long tap root.
Well I'm just trying to help others out who may not have much for oaks, I have a plethora. ;)
I have the same thing behind my house, hundreds of 2' tall white oaks. I thought I would be able to dig some up for my camp. Nope, those tap roots go to china. I got a couple out but damaged the root too bad and they died.