Anyone grafted oaks?


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Has anyone attempted to graft oaks? I have seen some old threads where there was some people that was going to try. I have also seen a research paper where they graft SWO to see if they produced earlier. I am curious about whites mostly because the reds have some compatibility issues. I hope to attempt it this spring even if nothing comes from it. Hoping to nut graft some chestnuts maybe those methods would work with oaks too? Im considering Bur. SWO, and overcup as rootstock and dwarf chinkapin oak white oak and chinkapin oak on top. Would this even be worth doing? I think it would be worth it if DCO successfully took onto a larger rootstock? Would be nice to know if grafted trees would produce sooner too. I know indianasams nut grafting thread produced catkins within the year of grafting. I know this wouldn't be worth pursueing on a larger scale but potentially could be useful. Your thoughts?
I Graft oaks, I'm not real good at it but can put you in touch with people that do it for a living. What do you need to know? What are you trying to graft?
I have seen where some members have received (MDC as supplier) some quick producing oaks specifically burr oak and swamp white oaks in as early as three years I was wanting to try and graft these to obtain the same genetics and quick producing tree as the parent. I also would like to try grafting dwarf chinkaPin oaks onto a bigger rootstock like a burr oak maybe resulting in a bigger sized dwarf chinkapin oak. Also grafting the above onto overcup rootstock for planting on wet sites. All of this is speculation I had trouble finding much info on what I'm wanting to do. Also don't know if it would be worth the effort compared to fruit trees since they have better success rate. I plan on doing whip and tongue, cleft, and some field bark grafting. I'm going to try inverted radicle grafting as well I think that would save a growing season of growing rootstock if it were successful. What have you been grafting oaks for landscaping? Are there certain cultivars they graft for landscaping?