A hunt from 2012


5 year old buck +
This is the buck I shot in Nebraska in 2012. Just got the mount done and he is in his place of honor in my living room now.

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Awesome deer and mount. That was worth waiting for.
What did he score?
155 and change
Mo, I agree completely that is a very nice deer. I asked because I came up right at 160 and thought I was low. That deer is a lot more impressive to me than lots of deer with much higher scores. Love big clean racks like that one. Awesome deer THunter, congrats.
That is a deer of a lifetime if you ask me. Those G3s go to the sky! And double droptines, just awesome. Congrats!
That's actually a tag on the left antler. The one on the right antler is a drop.
Great Buck Tommy! This is a better pic than the one I got on the cell! Tall tine monster! Great mount too. I worked part time through high school at a taxidermy studio so I know a good mount when I see one;) an that's a goodN!
what did that left G3 measure??? that is super tall!
12 7/8
i figured around 13"....that is some crazy length! Congrats on a helluva deer and great piece of taxidermy too!
What is that on his right brow? Tag? Nice mount looks great I'm sure you will enjoy him every day!!!
Yep, Nebraska transport tag. I keep them on all my bucks from there.
Well let's see the rest of em;)
Let's see what I can do. Here's 3 more. I've got others somewhere.

2003 Buck #1

2003 Buck #2

You got a honey hole for mature bucks!
2004 Buck #1

2004 Buck #2 (Shot this one in his bed at 3 yards in a wheat field)