A first in a somewhat long life. scarlet tanager


5 year old buck +
Well headed down to the property to try and get the plow through a new section and got chased out by a thunderstorm. Stopped to chat with a friend who was cutting fire wood and saw the bright red, and black that could only be one thing, a Scarlet Tanager male. Then in flew a second male, not 30 feet from us but armed only with a cell phone for pics, the below image is the best I could manage. The red was much more intense. Knew right away it was not an oriole, as there is no way an oriole could get that red.

also saw some blue birds, and 5 turkeys.

I used to see those as a kid in northern Mn. Have not seen one for years.
We had one hanging around a couple years ago. It was so cool. That was the only one I have ever seen.
I am really bummed I didn't have a good camera with me, might not ever see them again.
they are way more common than you think. Its just they tend to live up in the forest canopy. I actually had one taking a bath in my sprinkler last year in my yard. I also had one that followed me on my red tractor one year. He must have though I was infringing on his territory.
I had never seen one up until about three years ago. Saw one then at the farm and seen several around the house last year. One of the reddest birds you'll ever see.
The Males molt in the fall and look like the females when they go down south to places like Costa Rica.
great pics, all about having the right camera/ lens for the job.
great pics, all about having the right camera/ lens for the job.

It also helps if you are retired and spend just about everyday in the field looking for all these different critters.
I had a treat today. On my way in from turkey hunting 5 males and a female landed in the tree right above me. She had all she could handle with those numbers. A couple hours later I noticed this one by himself. This was the best pic I could get with my phone. image.jpg
I saw one on my property 2 years ago but didn't know what it was. The colors were really bright.