A buck that would even impress MObuckchaser... And that aint easy!! :)


5 year old buck +
We can grow em big in MN I guess afterall. :)

Anyone care to try and guess a score on this brute? To be honest, I really dont know. All I know is when I looked at the cards and saw this I pretty much soiled myself.... Now what would happen if I see it while on stand? Probably soil myself then proceed to fall out of the stand because my knees will buckle....
I have to believe this thing is 170+.... And I really dont frickin care. I am shooting the very first 3.5 I see if I ever do!

I have never had anything remotely close to this on cam. And the fact he made it through the first half of rifle season is quite encouraging!
Tonight I sat on the stand thats directly above the camera where the vid was taken. Interesting that both pics are at 6am... that means he cant be very far off, because I have to believe he is bedded down by daylight or close to it, cuz our bucks are all scared of the daylight.

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How do you embed a video? I have the link above, but I am sure people will miss that.
In the words of Max Goldman,


Hope you got vaulted ceilings if you are lucky enough to connect. I just might hang some used tampons on myself if I were you.
Awesome buck. Hope you get a chance at him.
Ah man,,, you had to go and remind me of that daytime pic shit.... Maybe I can get a special permit from the DNR and tell them that I cant hunt during daylight because of a very rare eye disease that I cant be out in the daylight.... It might work. :)
Did you guys watch the vid? That link is buried, and I have no idea how to put a link up with the full screen view to click on to watch it.... The vid really does it justice.
How many points you come up with?? I think he gross closer to 190 than 170. I thought I can see at least 14 points. Very hard to tell though cause the video blurs when i pause it. Probably a damn good thing he gets to do the Adrian Peterson with all the does in the area before you take him down. That will be some darn good man gravy to have spread around the area herd.
Great buck! good luck with him
That's an awesome buck. I'd say 180's - why don't you just shoot him and tell us for sure. It's a lot easier to get up in the morning knowing something like that is close by.
WOW what a brute.
I think he will be closer to 180 than 170...Good luck!
Dang good one! good luck!
Wow nice one! Maybe he has been kicking everything else off your farm:cool:
Wow! I missed this one until today. All I know is....HE'S A BEAST!!! Looks like that rack is pretty symmetrical, very cool! Bring him down BLB!
Yea, the plan is to get back up there a few more times. I got my muzzy tag today..... After I thought about it, I could have waited. I plan to get up to bowhunt this weekend, but good grief if I shot that thing with my bow, I would care less about having wasted $31 on the muzzy tag.....

Fun to have something to be excited about. I did leave up 4 trail cams. Normally I yanked all but one after gun season, and this year I just decided I would leave them all till the batteries died... Then I saw this. Very glad I left them out and will even replace batteries this weekend in a couple now.
I am staying off the food plots for morning hunts and just do the close non invasive stands. Then hunt the corn or beans in the evening.
I wouldn't wait long to get out there, a deer like that probably won't stick around for long. Heck of a deer though nice to at least get a picture.
That will get you out of bed and keep you on stand! We had a stub on cam a few years ago and it's exciting. We never got a crack at him, but it is great motivation. Hope you at least get a chance at him.
Send him down the road a ways!
I called Dad tonight and asked that he keep this quiet.... he lives in the area, and sees a lot of people daily.... I hate to be a dick about it, but I really dont want to find muzzy season there are now trucks all around the area. There are very very few people that archery hunt or muzzleloader hunt around us. Several of the landowners around us are just locals and might not be opposed to letting someone on their land now that gun season is over.... Gun season is that magical time for everyone.

I know its not a world record. But I wanted to squelch it a little because my Dad is a story teller, and things can get a bit exaggerated. Before I know it, he would say its a world record buck and word spreads fast up there... everyone knows everyone..

I am going to do my best to get up there when I can..... 4 cams are still out there, so thats good. Frickin work cramps my style a little, but hockey for my daughter does require me to be around here. Fortuneately, I can work from the cabin!
It's 170, maybe alittle bigger. Very nice buck.