8 year old I call splitter


5 year old buck +

Was out for first morning hunt and quick pulled 2 cards and shocked to see splitter show back up, have him on cam for 4 years, found his sheds two years ago but only a foggy pic during shooting hours, never a day pic. He has unique curled g2, is body size somewhat genetic because 8 pt I shot with bow last year dressed at 230. Scoot
his neck makes his head look small too...what a bruiser!
That keep you getting up early.

Good luck with him.
One word for a deer that's been around that long and is that big & blocky....... Magnificent. Rack score wouldn't even matter to me on a buck like that. One smart old boy.
Impressive....to see something like that, even if on a trail cam would help to keep everyone upbeat. Good Luck with him.