4 X 4 Mini Truck Sells Today.....Cheap!



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I see folks get all giddy about these little trucks......and always wonder what is the attraction? More agile than a pick up?
4x4, closed cab, heat, air, dump bed, bed walls fold down to make a flat bed, can take ATV tires, can be street legal, and can be had relatively cheaply.

Plus dudes do stuff like this....
http://www.northtexasminitrucks.com/Trucks We Have Sold.htm
I'd really like to find a 80's vintage Nissan hardbody 4x4 for a farm truck. A buddy's brother bought a 90's Toyota for farm chores and ended up taking it to Duluth with him for college instead of his suburban. I have some more pressing projects to fund first, but that'll eventually wind up on my short list.
Sold for $3910. plus the transfer fees and I assume an auction premium. One thing about those on-line auctions....they seem a little stout on the auction premiums. Usually about 10% !!
Most auctioneers around here have bumped up to 15%. Really gotta watch out what you bid when they're gouging like that - it can sink a bargain quick!