2014 Turkey


5 year old buck +
Got my turkey this morning. It weighed 21 lbs 5 oz. The beard was 9 1/2 inches and the spurs were 3/4 inch. After yesterday when a hail storm chased a gobbler off on me I wasn't feeling real good about today. This morning I walked into blind in the dark with lightning all around me. I no more than got settled into blind and the skies opened up. It lasted for about 20 minutes and quit. Shortly after I had gobbling pretty close. A little while later 2 gobblers and 3 hens flew down into the food plot that I was sitting on. Lots of gobbling and strutting but both gobblers stayed with the hens and after an hour they walked off. About 8:00 am a bird started gobbling non stop. He gobbled at any thing that made noise. He finally made it to food plot but only would get about 70 yards away. He finally walked off in the direction another bird was gobbling.After seeing this bird walk off I thought I had to change my decoy setup [single hen decoy] so I added another hen decoy and a jake decoy to setup. About 9:30 I heard a few gobbles but it sounded far away. I gave a few calls but got no response. About 10:oo I was on smart phone and notice a turkey walking on far side of food plot about 150 yards away. I checked it out with binocs and saw it was a gobbler. Gave a few yelps on call and he was headed my way on a string. The rest is history. This had to be my best day ever for seeing turkey. It was non-stop gobbling and turkey movement.

Nice. Bet you were glad to be in the shadow hunter.
Very nice. Glad you got such a great bird and had a good hunt.
Congrats !! Nice blind and Nice bird..
Congrats sounds like a fun hunt.
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That sounds like a great morning of turkey hunting! I'm still waiting for that to happen for me this year! looks like a great bird!
Great bird tom, I am hoping to get out and bag one in the morning. Weather and work have really put a damper on my season so far.
That's a great bird Tom….and a great story.

Tom got a Tom!....good job!:)
Congrats. Antigo?