2 little bucks - scrapping it out!


Interesting video:

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Trying to figure out if that was a frayed rope or some kind of plant...
Was it the clothesline??
They sure didn't stick around long to say thanks.
Looks like rope to me... Very frayed... Not sure where they found it!
Neat video. I would guess one deer had the rope already tangled in its antlers when it fought the other buck. I find it even more crazy that they ran into someones yard and got hung up on a clothesline post! And stayed hung up on that post. Proves my theory to a T though that most locked bucks are not really locked together in a way that they couldnt seperate themselves. When they get locked they simply keep exerting force in opposing directions. I had a pair that were "locked" together that a customer wanted mounted locked together. They came apart easy if you knew the trick for doing so. If you tried to pull them apart directly from each other it was impossible.