1 Thrilling Hunt, 2 Deer Down!!!


5 year old buck +
I took this buck and doe on November 12th at 3:00 PM. I took a buck at the same time almost exactly a year ago (on the 11th). A couple days prior, I saw a nice 10-pointer I was after chasing does along with a couple spikes and a buck with a messed up rack. He was the biggest, oldest buck on the farm, so I went to shoot the 10-pointer...and my gun didn't go off. I watched as the buck chased the doe into the woods and he never came back out. I've had more issues with this gun, but I hadn't ever had a FTF.

Fast forward a couple days and I was hunting not far away (with a different gun). A doe and fawns bolted out and this guy followed. I thought it was the same buck I had seen a few days ago when I shot. Turns out it wasn't. It was a different buck. I'm happy to have him though!

Nice deer. Congrats.

What kind of a gun is this? Rifle? Muzzleloader?
Nice deer!
Nice deer. Congrats.

What kind of a gun is this? Rifle? Muzzleloader?
It's a Remington 700 rifle. I was using a Savage Axis a few days prior when a bigger buck chased does past me. Squeezed the trigger and "click" - the gun doesn't go off! Didn't get another chance after chambering another round. I've had extractor issues with that gun but never firing pin problems. The primer was barely dented. Took the gun to the gunsmith to look at and got it back yesterday. He said there's a design flaw with the way the springs are in the bolt. At any rate, he fixed it and I was fortunate to have another gun (that I should have used initially)!