wisconsin mfl

  1. Lee Haakenson

    Managed Forest Law program advice

    This weekend I am meeting with a forester to write a plan and enroll im the Wisconsin MFL program. Do any of you have advice on questions to ask, things to watch out for, items to make sure are written into the plan? For those of you in MFL, how flexible is your plan and how much oversight have...
  2. B

    Mfl closed

    We are thinking about enrolling the family farm into Mfl closed (160 acres). What are the negatives about this program?
  3. shawnv

    Lots of open WI land now closed.

    For those who hunt public in WI I suggest checking the recent maps because this week I noticed 1000's of acres that were Open MFL last season are no longer listed so my assumption is that they are now going to be Closed-MFL. This has been the trend for a number of years now but it seems to have...