planting food plots

  1. landlubber

    New Clover Plot

    I've been reading on this forum for a long time soaking up as much as I can but have not contributed much. I thought I would share a big project of mine this year. I'm far from an expert here. I've got plenty to learn. Hopefully you find this as interesting as I do. Tips are welcome. In the...
  2. J

    brassica planting dates ?

    I am putting several of my smaller food plot areas back into production. Several are spots in 23 year old clear cuts where I had a D3 push all the Scotch pine limbs and the black locust trees themselves. These piles were then burned to the ground. I had the D3 clear out all stumps and rocks in...
  3. S.T.Fanatic

    Throw and mow/roll

    I over seeded my soybeans with winter rye last September. The rye is now five foot tall. I was planning on planting brassicas into the rye this fall and rolling the rye over it. I doubt that i'm going to be able to walk through that rye with a broadcast spreader and get an even seeding. Im...