clover plots

  1. A

    Food Plot Establishment Help

    Hello All, I have been a reader for a while, but have never posted anything and I was hoping for some input on my food plotting endeavors. For some background, I just started "attempting" to grow some food plots for deer about a year ago. I am fortunate enough to have access to a 35 HP...
  2. landlubber

    New Clover Plot

    I've been reading on this forum for a long time soaking up as much as I can but have not contributed much. I thought I would share a big project of mine this year. I'm far from an expert here. I've got plenty to learn. Hopefully you find this as interesting as I do. Tips are welcome. In the...
  3. stevenk03

    ladino clover

    Needing Opinions if I should mow my 2 year old clover/chicory plot.
  4. B

    Ugly Clover Plot

    This is year 3 of a ladino and alfalfa plot. Broadleafs and grasses are getting pretty bad. No rain projected in near future and ladino is starting to get crunchy. Only spray I have is gly. Only mower is a rider that will cut at 3" on highest setting. What would you do?
  5. Peplin Creek

    Alsike clover

    i have some low areas that i am thinking about putting a food plot in. Given the area I am thinking mix of rye and alsike clover might be the best option given the conditions of the plot. Moist soil in the spring early summer, drier in the fall. Anyone have any experience with it? Is it...
  6. B

    Killing broadleaf weeds in clover & alfalfa

    What herbicide do you guys use to kill broadleaf weeds in clover & alfalfa plots ?? We have clethodim for grasses. I looked up Butyrac 200 and it lists alfalfa, but not clover. Any help is appreciated.
  7. H

    Crimson clover question

    We are in Wisconsin, and broadcast some crimson clover into some of our corn in the fall. Some took then but we have a nice carpet of it growing now in the spring. Should be expect this to reseed by fall? I haven't used it too much and am not sure what to expect in this situation.
  8. Nova

    winter killed clover

    In the fall of 2015 I planted a plot in cereal rye/clover. The rye came up great in the fall and the next spring the clover and rye were going nuts. About the middle of July I mowed the rye off and had a beautiful stand of clover. All last fall the deer were hammering the clover and it looks...