blind windows

  1. S

    Box blind windows

    Thinking about building a couple of 70"x70" box blinds for the farm and thinking about putting a couple vertical windows in them for bow hunting. What do you guys recommend on the height/width of the vertical windows?
  2. B

    Shooting house windows

    I am constructing a couple of new single man box blinds. None of my existing boxes have closable windows and I want these to have them to keep out the weather and critters. Since I have never hunted out of a blind with actual see through windows I guess my question is do you usually keep the...
  3. j-bird

    Window tint for hunting blind?

    I am looking at replacing my wooden windows in my box blind with lexan ones, but am concerned about the deer seeing the movement. Is there a "window tint" that I can put on the lexan that will make it more difficult for the deer to detect movement WITHOUT making it harder for me to see out...
  4. Tree Spud

    Deer Blind Windows

    I am building several elevated box blinds and will be using acrylic for windows. Considering several ways of installing the windows such as cutting tracks or metal rails to slides the windows, or hinges to flip them up. Looking for suggestions on the above or other creative ways to install ....