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Built an ATV tow behind mower


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I've never had a mower explode when I hit a stone or stick. It just breaks the shear pin / flywheel key and stops the mower.
I may have been exaggerating a bit with the flaming mushroom cloud reference.


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I like it, great creativity. Looking forward to see how it does.


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Tell 'em I'm comin'! And my mower's comin' with me!
That clover needs some care.



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Subbing for the video!!


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(I hope that works)

This thing worked awesome!!! I was able to cut the clover and the field to about 8 or 9 inches. I had to go slow, 1st gear because they are just lawn mowers but it was super easy. I even cut some really tall stuff.

A couple of things:
My last modification was adding kill switches for both mowers. I used rocker switches and mounted them between my handlebars. One for each mower. Basically they ground the spark plugs like an older style mower.

As for using this, it's tough to tell what's running and what's not. I can't really hear my ATV. I think that I would know if a mower stopped.

My ATV is air cooled and it was 88 degrees. So while this setup is very light, the hill/slope on my field made it a little tough on my 220 ATV because I couldn't go fast enough to cool it down.

Lastly, stopping the mowers with the kill switches is so nice. But I didn't have the process down, so I flooded one of my mowers by not disconnecting the throttle. I'll fix that this week.

Overall a HUGE success!

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