Young, Huge Rack, But Very Elusive!





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That's a sweet looking deer. Looks like he's got thorns growing everywhere. I'm not into naming deer but I would have to say "Buckthorn" would work for this guy...
You need to be in that stand
Wow! He looks young to me too. Take away all the stickers and that's a very nice 3 year old 140 class deer. I don't think I could pass him up but if he is 3 and has a good jump next year you could have a buck pushing 200 on your hands...

What are you gonna do?
I'm going with 3.5 yo. 160's gross with all that junk.

Possible Show stopper next year if you let him walk.

I'd be really hard pressed to let him walk.
I wouldn't let him go bye, good luck with him.
I'm generally pretty hesitant when it comes to aging deer on a few pics. Still, you cover that rack up and I'd say 3.5, at the oldest. Honestly, I'd go 2.5, if his neck wasn't so deep.

I'm NOT trying to say you shouldn't shoot him. That's 100% your call. If he eludes you and the neighbors, though, I sure wouldn't be the least bit disappointed. He's a good buck now. He has the potential to Boone next year. Now, potential and doing are two different things, but I'd be willing to lay $ on this one and really like my odds.
holy crap
It's da turdy point buck
I was hoping this thread had nothing to do with deer.
Hopefully after these acorns are gobbled up an a good cold front comes through you will kill him!!!! He is one stud 3 yr old! I think we way underestimated him. He will gross high
Great pics MO! good luck with him
N - I - C - E buck, Mo!!! I'd stiffen him just because of the uniqueness of that rack. Given the neighbor pressure you speak of, I'd be livin' in that tree stand!!! GOOD LUCK !!!
Somehow I expected to see some pics of a movie starlet. ;) Nice deer. :)