Year 3 was great!!!


5 year old buck +
This was our 3rd year hunting our 80 acres and it was a good one. Prior to the season, I added a small plot on my oak ridge and the deer used it often. I planted it in clover and used oats as a nurse crop. I shot a doe on it one night. My wife also shot a doe over one of the water tanks I put in on year 2. Going into the rut, I had 2 bucks on camera that I was willing to shoot. Over the course of the season, I saw the smaller of the two at 65 yards and on the last day I could archery hunt I shot the bigger of the two. I passed 11 bucks in bow range one being a 2.5 year old 9 point. I also got a picture of the other shooter after rifle season. It was a fun season and I saw deer on all but one sit. I'm looking forward to next year and doing more projects on the land. I'm hoping to do some saw work and create some bedding and if possible, create a small kill plot or travel corridor that has some food on it to make the SW corner of the land better. It is good now, but I think I could sweeten up the area and make it easier to hunt during the rut.

Thanks for all the help and info over the past few years. I'm learning more and more about the 80 every day and enjoying in more and more!!


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Nice work, that's a nice buck. What county is your place in again?

How far was the shot on your buck? Did you hunt out there at all during the rifle season?
I'm in Sawyer Co, WI. I hunted the opening Saturday morning and passed a spike. I also sat all day the 1st Sunday and never saw a deer. I heard very few shots during the 1.5 days out there during rifle season.

It was a 30 yard shot. He ran across my swamp and I watched him go down. 1PM on a 50 degree Sunday afternoon. Gotta love the rut.
That's a great deer for Sawyer County, nice work. I own land in Rusk County and the hunting has been pretty rough the last several years, but I know other people with land a few miles away that have much better hunting.
Congratulations!! Good work making it all come together like that.
Congratulations on the success. Nice buck for sure
Congrats ... hard work pays off!
Very nice!!
Remember when you started posting about your land several years ago and glad efforts are paying off. Really cool your wife enjoys the experience as well and should make future work more enjoyable as a team or at least ok with you spending time/$$ on your passion.
Very impressive.

Nice buck!!! Congrats on your habitat work paying off.