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Hey guys, gonna buy this on my lunch hour today for my work tomorrow on the orchard.


My question is can I use just 1 t-post to support the fence, its gonna be pretty sturdy/heavy on it's own, that's why I assume 1 stake.

My other question is, I have 15 trees in my wild life orchard, but I have about 10 other trees I'd like to fence also, do I need to cut this 150 foot roll into 10 foot sections to fence (10 foot of fence is actually a 5 foot circumference, right?) and if I did 6 foot sections it would be a 3 foot circumference? Some math guys help me out on that.

If you have a decent Deer density and snow fall what is the best way to handle this?
C =2 π r
C=circumference (distance around the circle)
r = radius (distance from edge to center)

C = 2 *3.14*1.5 (so you will have 3 feet diameter - distance from the circle edge to circle edge through the center)
C= 9.42

So you need cut your wire to 9 and half feet and you will have a circle with a diameter slightly bigger than 3 feet.

If you want to just plug in some numbers and not worry about the math here is a calculator

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Yikes! So 1 roll will do my orchard but not the other trees, fooie!
Previously we were cutting them at 28 sqaures each which I think gave us 10 cages per roll, each one about 4.5' diameter. Last roll we cut we did 24 squares I think and got like 12 cages per.

1 t-post to stake IMO is plenty, in fact you can skimp even more. Find some kind of large tent stakes, we use these 2' steel rods we had laying around. We dont have issues with deer pushing the cages around. If you have bears on the other hand stake well.
Do you guys think a 5 foot fence (height wise) is too small? I have pretty decent deer density) and the snow fall this past year was insane! Or do I have to spend a LOT more money and buy the 7 foot remesh?
That is a very good price. We have paid more in years past
I used an online 10% off too so I bought too and the total was $192 w/ tax so it should stretch a ways. I bought 2 because my darn wife bought chickens as her hobby. :(
I used 10' sections, 15 per roll, each one is just over 3' diameter.
If you are buying mesh and have a menards near by keep an eye on their sales. We found it onsale for $74.99 / 150ft a month ago or so. We stocked up.

That is exactly what I paid at Menards. The only problem is loading it yourself in the back of a pickup truck, I'm 69 years old, but at least made it this far.
I feel your pain....we're getting a bunch of the darn things soon too. Just hope they eat a few ticks while they're free ranging
My wife was talking about chickens, also. I thought calves was enough.

I buy a few 10 foot pieces of 1/2 inch conduit and cut them up to stake the cages down. The wind last week tipped some of my cages over.
We use a lot of 16' Cattle Panels. Bought about 200 of them for $13 new a few years ago when we needed them for the feed lot. Now we use them for tree surrounds. They do not need stakes because they are built heavy enough! They work great!
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John-I would do something to keep mice away form that trunk. The straw might attract them. Aluminum window screen.

Maya will tell you about tying limbs down or pruning.
That is on schedule for another day. Just lucky the wife helped me get them in the ground. I have 400 trees in the ground down here this spring! Window screen is on the back burner for a month.
Youa re very ambitious, John.

I can only handle about 12- 15 fruit trees per year and I have had enough.