Willow Cuttings


5 year old buck +
I’m going to propagate some willows this year in a number of different areas. These areas range from reed canary to wet muck. I am thinking I’ll have some success and some failure but you never know what works. I have plenty of willow on my property and will be using it as my cuttings.

How soon can I start to harvest the cuttings and how do I store them? Some of these cuttings are going to be several feet long so storing them in the fridge won’t work. If I cut them and plant them in a day or two is that soon enough or do I need to do something to them to keep them alive?

How soon can I start to propagate the cuttings, as soon as I can get them in the ground? I was thinking if I have a tool to punch a whole into the ground I would start just before the frost comes out of the ground.

How much of the cutting do I need under the soil? If I have a 4 foot cutting is 1 foot enough?

Do I need to put any type of root hormone on the cutting?


I have very limited experience, but I prefer to have 75% of the cutting under the ground.
I use an old crow bar to punch a hole in the ground.

I have tried some in RC, and the longer the plastic is in place the better. Think of leaving it in place for years.

from what I see, sandbar willow might be a better choice for willow cuttings.