WI Youth Hunt


5 year old buck +
Successful in my mind. Took my daughter out for our second WI youth season hunt. The plan was to shoot any buck or a doe that wasn't with fawns. We sat three times. Saw deer each time. Had an almost encounter with a doe that needed to take a step or two so she had a clear shot. Last year she took a nice eight pointer her first time hunting. This year she got a typical hunting experience. Still a successful hunt in my opinion.

A smile in the tree is a success! I like seeing folks taking time to take their kids. Where's the war paint? My girls won't go if there isn't any war paint involved!
Remote handshake, EOB, for taking your daughter along hunting. Time spent with our kids is the BEST use of our time. Years from now, those memories are the things that put smiles on faces - young AND old! Looks like lots of good times ahead, Dad!
Looks like you had a great time and that is what counts!
After getting a nice one the previous year and then having a slow season, the lessons of the camaraderie of the hunt and the sheer enjoyment of being outdoors are truly the most important. That is where the challenge comes of keeping them interested. Keep up the good work dad!
Very neat! Awesome picture.
Great Pic! There's one happy crew, looks like a great time you spent hunting.