WI wolf hunt

Uh yeah. Isn't there over 2000 in Wisconsin?
This is from the Wisc DNR "fact Sheet" on wolves......

A few hunters continue to illegally kill wolves, believing that such actions will help the deer herd. It is important to place in perspective the impact of wolves preying on deer. Each wolf kills about 20 deer per year. Multiply this by the number of wolves found in Wisconsin in recent years (800), and approximately 16,000 deer may be consumed by wolves annually. This compares to about 27,000 deer hit by cars each year, and about 340,000 deer shot annually by hunters statewide. Within the northern and central forests where most wolves live, wolves kill similar numbers of deer as are killed by vehicles (about 8,000), and about 1/10 of those killed by hunters (8,000 in 2010). Wolves are a factor in the deer herd, but only one of many factors that affects the total number of deer on the landscape.
MN DNR Claims we have 2500 wolves here (which I dispute). Take 2500 wolves x 20 deer consumed = 50,000 deer. We may have as many as twice that number of wolves. Wonder where are deer and moose are going? Now lets factor in the bears and the coyotes........not to mention our tough winters.
Acceptable consumption of deer by wolves? OK. I wish we'd see some symmetry of thought on deer/agriculture like we see with deer/wolf. Why can't there be an acceptable consumption of .00075 of the aggregate ag output by deer in MN?

Sorry, that's a left field thread hijack, but I wanted to write it down before I forgot it.
With the kill limit set at 150. WI DNR's "fact sheet" is more likely a FICTION sheet. I believe the population is a lot higher.
1400 tags sold@$50/tag and 3 zones will close in 4 days of trapping? The DNR loves this money maker.
Don't forget the income from points$$$$