Whitetail Hollow - 80 acres NE Oklahoma


5 year old buck +
Kubota pushing plot tree.JPG This is a plot I had a dozer push out on a 80 acre property we bought last winter that is solid woods. I had to take a couple trees out with the tractor after the dozer was gone...
80 clover planting.JPG

This is me frost seeding clover...
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80 plot growth may.JPG

Mid May...
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80 Plot 06-17-14.JPG I mixed in a summer mix and fertilized and this is what it looked like yesterday... Durana Clover, Barduro Red clover, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Millet, Milo, Corn and a few other summer plot plants I can't remember the name of... No soil test was done and ammendments have been 160 lbs of pelletized line hand spread. 150 lbs of triple 13 and 50 lbs of triple 19...
80 plot hat compare.JPG
looks good
Very nice transformation in such a short time
Thanks guys... I have the only food plots/agriculture in the area that I can tell and I don't think the deer quite know what it is but I got a few pictures of some bucks and does in it last week on trail camera. This was probably a good thing because they have allowed it to grow... Going to converts about 1/2 of it into rye/brassicas in August...
Looks good. Keep up the good work.
Just dug 2.JPG Waterhole in the end of the plot we dug into red clay...
6-17-14 pond.JPG
Keep posting the progress. Looks great! Is there any other water source near by?
No other water that I can find for a mile... I do have a creek but it only runs after it rains as runoff...
Good looking plot and water hole! It's great to see your hard work turn out.
80 terrain 2 325.JPG Just some terrain shots from back in the winter...
80 Terrain.JPG
80 terrain 325.JPG
new 80 more flat ground.JPG
more new 80 flat ground.JPG