When to spray?


5 year old buck +
Stuff is just starting to wake up here, leaves are just barely starting to form, but some of the crabs, pears, and plums I planted have full leaves (From growing at a nursery before being shipped). All these trees are in tubes, should I worry that much when spraying around them to kill everything within 2 feet of them?

I think the tube should keep the trees from any over spraying. The grasses and weeds have had about 5-7 days of growing as its warmed up recently. Do I wait another week or 2 before spraying to get everything good and growing before I kill it?
I should clarify I'm using a mix of Atrazine & Surflan.
Paul was a big supporter of atrazine for around fruit trees, and surflan seemed to be the best thing I could find after talking to some local orchard owners that helps not let weed seeds germinate.