What's he looking at?


squirrel, coon?

I gotta go check out what's up with that branch. Over the past year I've gotten several deer standing upright here.


If your getting more than one then there must be something their going for.
Hard to say, but by the looks of that tree, maybe a woodpecker working on it. They make a lot of noise and send chips flying everywhere....
Probably just a social licking branch. They all leave their calling card while passing through.
Agree with swat. ^^^^ If the big tree trunk allows the deer to put their hooves on it for balance, it may be they have more time to lick / smell the smaller branch without losing their balance. They may be just taking advantage of a good situation licking branch - wise.
Locking branch for sure. I checked out a lot of pictures over the years.
4 years worth same spot.
It started out normal height and they've worked it so much standing is the only way to reach it.