What shrub is this?


unknown general.png
Was out yesterday and found this. I have no idea what it is (the white flowers caught my attention - I first thought it was bush honeysuckle - it's not). The leave eadgs are slightly serated andthe stems have a purple coloration to them. This is a shrub of some sort - multistemed about 5' tall or so with smooth bark. Located ona south facing slope in an area that was selectively timbered 2 years ago - not indirect sun, but partial. Soil is very coarse with little to zero clay. I was no able to see/identify any sort of fruit. I have additionalpics Iwill try to add.
Looks like wild plum. Mine are at least two weeks away from that stage.
unknown flower.png
Additional pics
unknown stem arrangement.png
more pics.
unknown leaf edge.png
even more.
unknown underside.png
how aout even some more!
To my knowledge Idon't have any wild plum - this particular one is large enough that it isn't something that just showed up in the past year or two. Hopefully the additioanl photo's will help.
I know if it's plum it has great wildlife value - What the "H" is viburnum? Sounds like an STD or something! Went for a walk in the woods the other day and caught a bad case of Viburnum and man doesit itch! I already have bush-honeysuckle - it's like having an STD in your woods!
I am confident it's nanny. Have the same "looking" plant that I have ID'd and planted from the local co op.
Cool - I will leave it be then and keep an eye on it to see if/when it produces fruit. Might even try to get it to spread some in the same area.
Its no native plum I have ever seen. I would guess the other guesses are most likely.
Viburnums are great wildlife shrubs. There are many of them....and I'm no dendrologist o_O
A few examples of viburnum: nannyberry, high bush cranberry, arrowwood, blackhaw

If forced to guess...I'd go nannyberry

For sure on the viburnum spp. not sure which one.