What kinda critter in this pic?


5 year old buck +
I got some ideas here....but can someone ID this critter that wandered thru this food plot? whatizit-43.JPG
They are not uncommon to see with all the turkeys around. I also like they kill porkies
I've got one in the area as well, and have seen it on the stand once, but several trail cam pics.
They are not uncommon to see with all the turkeys around. I also like they kill porkies
Yep....was reading about them.....one of the good qualities of this critter. One of the few critters that can flip a porkie and tear its belly out very quickly. Cool. I got porkies too. the only fishers I've seen seemed to hinge in the middle when they ran. Or.....at least I thought they were fisher.
Can they be hybridized to eat wolves too?
I would absolutely love to see a fisher with my own eyes.
I have one running around my place I see on cam every once in a while. I'd hate to run into it as I've heard they are not about to back away from anything.
Foggy - We have quite a few on our place (NE Ottertail Co). We usually find them in the pines and their numbers seem to cycle with squirrel populations. They are fun to watch while on stand. Active little buggers.
Many years ago, iwas on a bow stand and the partridge numbers were high. I could hear partridge clucking around me. They stopped clucking and I heard something running, grabbed my bow and a fisher came by. I have seen two others on the bow stand since, and have also seen a family of young ones during the summer.
We have lots of fishers, I have seen one this year. One more than the number of deer I have seen. I have never seen one in the open like that. I have seen a couple crossing the road but they were running at full speed.
I never posted this photo.....but it is the one that had me wondering.....then somehow I lost it in my pic library. Same critter a few minutes before. Looks so "brown".

Here's one of my fishers.

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Here's my mystery animal...my guess is woodchuck because it looks like it standing on its hind legs in the second picture.

They are fun to watch. Just wait until you hear one running through the crunchy leaves coming up on you in the morning. You will think you have the biggest buck in the woods running right for you!
Look like two bear to me in the first photo. One has moved on in the second photo.
I think one of the bears you are seeing is actually a stump. You can click on the pictures which will take you to photobucket where you can enlarge them

I have posted the second two pictures with the animal "spotlighted" in the back of the frame. Also some turkeys in the same location for a a size comparison.