What is this?


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I have a plot of about 1/4 acre that is Durana clover. The clover really died back during the heart of summer. With the cooler nights and some timely rains, it is exploding. Unfortunately this stuff is also popping up everywhere. I think it's some kind of sedge but not sure. How can I control it?

Maybe this pic will help. I can't find it in any searches I've done. Too many similar.

If it is a type of sandbur, it is a grass. Hammer a section of it with cleth/crop oil and see what happens. The cleth won't hurt you clover either way.
Now the problem is that it is also all through my lawn. My clover plot is about 100 yards behind the house. I walked through the lawn checking it out and found this stuff everywhere. I just sprayed clethodim on the clover last week. I can't spray the lawn though. I am hoping that close mowing it will keep it under control in that area.
nutsedge, pita to eradicate.
I see that Sledgehammer is the recommended herbicide for nutsedge. It is $90 for 1.33 ounces!!!!!!!!! I cannot find if Sledgehammer is safe to use on clover. Did I mention it's $90 for 1.33 ounces?