What is this and how do I kill it?

Let it flower for the bees and mow it off before it sets seed.
I got the same issue. Except a jungle. Wildfire last year burnt thru a large part of our wildflower patch. They bulldozed a fire break and this spring - an infestation of Partridge peas like "amber waves of grain" showed up. Very dense. An acre or 2.. Took over my other areas of my wildflower plot even though I replanted the burnt area.. I have cut most all of it down before going to seed and will put nitrogen back into the soil as mentioned previously in this post. I'm really rattled by this but... I have to deal with it.. So if there is any more guidance I would appreciate it as I'm a bit blown away how mother nature did this.. See attached Pic of the plant. Thank you in advance


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Partridge pea. Highly desirable