What is He Doing Out?



My buddy pulled a card on the bean plot we put in, pic was on 11-02, in Mn. What a porker!

A coworker has a pic he took on his phone of a bear in a full run going by his stand on saturday as well.
That's a giant bear. On our land in NW WI it's fairly common to find bear tracks in the snow on our way to the stand during the gun season that runs the week of Thanksgiving. I've heard the large boars are the last to hibernate, but I don't know if that's accurate or not. I know the tracks we see in the snow are always very large.
We had a bear on camera on 10/31 as well.
We still had bear walking the roads last Sunday but I bet he found a spot to nap by now.
I got one as well around the 3rd. Seems odd.
Big ol' fat boy! Wow!