What a Birthday!


5 year old buck +
This year my birthday fell on opening day of Wisconsin gun season. My goal was to try and shoot a doe for some meat for the freezer and at 7:45 I was able to put a double lung shot on a nice doe at 20 yards. She ran 30 yards and fell over.

After getting her taken care of and getting a bite to eat I decided to sit over our cornfield. I went there only because we have a ground blind over looking it and with the crappy weather conditions I wanted to stay dry. At 3:45 I noticed a 1.5 year old buck walking towards me. Soon another 1.5 year was behind him. When that buck got to 50 yards I looked back and there stood Garth, a 3.5 year old buck that was on the hit-list! He was standing 100 yards away just watching the little buck in front of me. Soon Garth starting walking towards me and I got ready for a shot. He got to the edge of the corn and looked up straight at me. I knew it was now or never so I lined the cross hairs right where the neck meets his shoulders and took the shot. He took off running and soon a heard a loud crash. I raced out of the blind to see a white belly laying next to the fence! Garth was down! This buck we had 3 years worth of trail camera pictures and I found his match set when he was 2.5 years old. I couldn't be happier with him!




Awesome job. That is my goal is to harvest a buck I have 3 years history with. Congrats.
Nice shooting, cool that you have some history on your deer.
congrats on a great buck! its always nice to have some history with them...especially previous years sheds!
Congrats on a great birthday success hunt!
Congrats on a real good buck! I like the pic of him at night on Nov. 9th. " Ghost, moving at night !!! "
Nice. Couldn't ask for a better present.
Cool story and history! Nice job.
Happy birthday - you did good!!!!
Sounds like your opening day was a good one, nice buck