Wet Food Plots!!

Deer Kar

5 year old buck +
Wet field road back to food plot.wet road.png
WAS going to try and spray corn and beans to Dam wet didn't want to rut every thing up.corn.png wet beanss.png
Planted Corn and broadcast beans Memorial Day weekend. Have had something like 6 inches of rain since.
They are still dark green and have not turned yellow!!! Hopefully the rain will let up a bit so I can go back to
measuring in tenths Not inches!!!!wet tritical.png

Broadcasted Triticale and Alfalfa on 5/30/14
really wet clover.png
Wet clover!
At least we are not making a living from crops/feed for livestock like many of my clients.
My father inlaw always tells me we are both farming for bucks. His go in his bank and mine go on the wall!!!!
I'd like to spray some weeds too. But, at this point it's all a waiting game. Hope things dry up pretty soon. Would be a tough year to be a farmer in many areas. (seems I say that every season. must be getting a better appreciation for weather-related issues and the farm )
Southwest MN show 3-5 inches of rain

Lots of corn/beans will drown out
Southwest MN show 3-5 inches of rain

Lots of corn/beans will drown out

Interstate 90 was closed this morning for a while near Laverne, MN. They had water over the road.

Lots of soggy bottoms down here. I was out at Lake Oahe fishing and you would not believe how green central South Dakota is right now. They guys growing dry-land crops to the west are going to have serious yields this year if the weather keeps it together for them. I snapped a pic of what would normally be a brown/slightly green pasture this time of year. Take a look at the green and the yellow sweet clover.