Western Wild Bergamot?


5 year old buck +
I think this is Western Wild Bergamot also know as Bee Balm, can any of you confirm?

First time I have seen it at the In-Laws place.


yup, oswego tea..
So do you think this actually repels deer, or do deer just not eat it?

Bee Balm is a perennial that grows best in low-lying, moist soil and is great for planting in those problem areas of your landscape. Bee Balm is a member of the mint family and will give off an orange-spice fragrance when touched. The entire Bee Balm plant is edible for humans, but deer seem to find it distasteful. Bee Balm will grow to between 2-4 feet high with very little help and blooms come in a wide range of colors. Reportedly, the purple bloom shades are best for repelling deer.
Saw it for the first time on my place this year, and the best I can tell there is only one plant of it on the whole 100 acres. Don't know where the seed would have come from since I have never seen it anywhere nearby. I spotted it from 80 yards away on a hillside and waded through tall grass above my head to get to it thinking it was Canada thistle blooms...LOL..only got 5 ticks on that trip.

Great looking Bergamot.

Any one seen white Bergamot? I found this one at my place, I'm not sure if this is an actual species of just a genetic mutation.