Water hole/tank and freezing temps


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Hello, I added a 110 gallon stock tank and it's been a magnet for deer and bear since but now it's getting colder. It's a 110 gallon plastic stock tank from Tractor Supply, I'm wondering if I can just leave it to freeze or should I pump most of the water out before freeze up. Thanks for the replies.


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You can leave it if it is an actual stock tank, those are made for everyday farm and ranch life. Plenty of ice has been chopped out of one so cattle can drink.
I have one from Tractor Supply that has been out several seasons.

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Thanks for the replies, yes it's a regular stock tank dug into the ground. It will for sure freeze solid, but it seemed to be tough enough.
With it in ground leave whatever water in it that you can. Will keep the ground from pushing the sides in as the ground freezes.
I’ve always wondered where the deer get the water when we have early freezes and no snow. Creeks, etc.. but some areas are devoid of that !