Using Oust XP pre-emergent on Reed Canary Grass


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This coming spring and summer I plan on spraying reed canary in preparation for planting spruce trees. I’m looking for advice on what I can expect from using it and where I can purchase it by the ounce. I’d like to buy about one pound/16 ounces.

Some questions:

How many months can I expect for suppressing reed canary using Oust?

Do I need to clear the dead thatched reed canary grass to get the Oust to work?

What date would buds break on spruce trees planted on Ottertail County?

I’m thinking of planting at 8 foot spacing spraying about 3 foot circumference circles rather than a whole area. Is 3 feet big enough or should I go larger?

The plan this spring is to brush hog the area and then rake the area in preparation. I will then spray Oust in the spots where I plan to plant. Later, late spring/summer I plan on looking for any sign of living reed canary and spraying those areas with a Oust/Gly/crop oil cocktail to kill off everything I can in preparation for September planting. I’m hoping to plant 50-100 larger spruce trees in this way and then apply Oust each spring before bud break to continue to set back the reed canary and give the trees a chance to establish. If this works I would like to continue this approach as I continue to add evergreens to my property.

In the past I have used just Gly and reed canary quickly recovers and quickly your trees disappear.


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I read an old post on the dark side that indicated that Townsend Chemical sold it by the ounce but I have not touched base with them yet. I can't seem to figure out their website as I don't see that they sell chemicals.

Somethings got to work with reed canary. I'm hoping to avoid having to spray every couple months as its hard to keep up.
Every retailer that sells Oust, sells it by the ounce in bulk. They may laugh at a 16oz order. But you never know!

I may buy 3 pounds for $150 from Keystone if I can't find it by the ounce. Either way it doesn't matter if it works its worth it.
John-what about that product you mentioned that slows grass growth?

Have you tried it on RC?
I was looking for Oust XP for $150 for a 3lb jug. I was getting all excited....Dam!

OK, whats wrong with generic Oust XP? I have always bought generics if I could. The active ingredient is SFM 75 correct? Oust XP is what Paul recommended for prepping for spruce so I was thinking of trying it.

I thought about clethodim and think that could be an effective method to slow down reed canary. Can you spray Cleth over the top of actively growing spruce trees?

Reed canary is a pain in that you have to keep spraying until your trees get large enough to compete. This makes it hard to get large plantings done or limits your ability to expand your plantings. I have lots of areas with reed canary that I want to plant evergreens into so i need to find a way to deal with it.