Using a category 2 three point implement on category 1 tractor


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I purchased a small cultivator/digger that appears to be a category 2 three point implement and my tractor is a category 1. I'm guessing someone else here has had this issue since a lot of the food plot type tractors/implements are on the border of category 1 and 2. What do I need to purchase to use a category 2 implement on my category 1 tractor?

I'm assuming I'll need to purchase two step down style pins that will allow me to attach the smaller diameter pins to the lower hitch point on the inside. Not sure about the upper hitch point though - if I need to get a different upper link arm or just an adapter that will allow me to use the existing one.

My tractor is supposed to be back from the shop tomorrow and we haven't had a chance to hook the digger up to the tractor yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll have this problem since the pins seem larger on my digger than they were on the 3 point blade that was on my tractor when I bought it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks-
You can get lift pins that have CAT 2 size threads and CAT 1 size pins:

As far as having to face the pins towards the inside that depends on how wide you can adjust your sway bars and how wide the implement puts the pins. I have the opposite problem with my JD 1023E and King Kutter Tiller. I had to purchase "long" CAT 1 pins and then adjust my sway bars to be more narrow then when I use my back blade.

I'm not sure if you need anything special for the top link. Your existing Top link and top link pin should fit though the category 2 top implement wit 1/4 inch slop. If you want you can get a bushing for that. I think CAT2 top link pin is 1 inch and CAT 1 top link pin is 3/4 inch;-category-2-to-1-top-link-bushing
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^^^ Yep....if your tractor is capable of pulling the implement, Its just a matter of swapping the pins to meet your needs. Not sure how your going to attack the top link.....but they do make bushings and replacement parts to enable a swap for you. Quite do-able.
You can purchase a quick hitch that will attach to your cat 1, the hitch is compatabile for cat 1 and 2
Thanks for the advice, that's just what I was looking for. I'll let you know how it turns out.