Two Ways I have Fenced Apple Trees


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I use aluminum window screen around the trunk and remove all growth/ limbs to a 3-4 foot level. Some go 5 feet to the first limb.

Fifteen feet of cement reinforcing wire is used to keep the deer out, but rabbits can easily get through the 6 inch openings. The aluminum window screen needs to be kept higher to keep rabbits from girdling the trunk during deep snow winters.

This is primarily what I have gone to as well. I have been running the rewire cages a little tighter at 26 squares plus 1 for the cut which I alternate the protruding wire ends for bending at least 1 back to lock the loop. Which gives me 130in or 10.8 feet or so. If I have a tree I really like I will go that 15 foot or so. Window screen as well. Favorite way is (4) 7 1/2' t posts, 7 1/2' apart in a square with the rewire held up off the ground 1 foot. That is wire and post intensive and expensive. Your 2nd way is the best compromise in cost and material.


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85E00B61-E2F0-4693-AB95-F56395BF7E0C.jpegGot my hands on a bunch of free snow fence so I’m doing an experiment with this 4 year old Wolf River to try and free up some of the metal fence for younger trees. I think I’ve got it pruned high enough that the deer can’t cause too many problems. Guess we’ll find out.


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Good post, thank you. I have some pears that are big enough to be a little safer now. I removed the fence and used 3 t posts in a triangle around them instead. I don't know yet if I will regret it.


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I scored some fencing off the Facebook, the guy said it was 108 feet, I offered him $30 for it. It almost looks like he was using it for trees. some of the rolls have 3 sections all rolled together, 12-15 feet each.